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Chimborazo Media Center Mission Statement

The mission of the Chimborazo Media Center is to cultivate an environment that fosters an internationally-minded community of learners, encouraging a life-long love of reading, learning and exploring, using information and ideas ethically and effectively. It collaboratively supports the curriculum, ensures equitable access to information and empowers students and staff to possess the tools in their quest for knowledge and develop an appreciation for literacy. It is a safe and inclusive learning space that recognizes and reflects diverse ways of knowing, being and thinking and strives to inspire the imagination and creativity of learners.

My name is Stephanie Sananikone (Sananikone rhymes with banana-cone) and I have been the Library Media Specialist at Chimborazo since 2014. As the Library Media Specialist, I teach lessons on skills and strategies students need to learn and achieve, fostering independence and stimulating interest in reading as well as provide access to materials in all formats. I help students explore the world around them through print and electronic media and give them opportunities to work individually or in small groups on
research and collaborative projects and share their learning. I also strive to provide and develop a library collection that is diverse and current and that meets the needs and interests of the students and staff in our school. Students visit the media center every week and are able to check out books.

I can be reached at

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